The bottom line

is just the beginning

In today’s evermore competitive business world, creating profit has become just the first step in the definition of success for companies ranging from home-based startups to Fortune 500 Companies.

Today we know that fulfillment in a company’s mission and satisfaction in our work lives requires more than a sound business model, it requires an expression of our values in the actions of owners, stakeholders and employees.  It requires saturation of culture beyond the bottom line, into the workforce and community that makes our businesses possible.

Success means “doing good” is a vital component of “doing well.”  

We help companies go beyond the bottom line

A different way of doing business

Community Benefits

  • Build bridges between companies and communities

  • Intentional placemaking and sense of connection

  • Access to resources – time, talent and treasure

Employee Benefits

  • Employee engagement

  • Leadership development

  • Sense of mission & purpose

Business Benefits

  • Brand visibility & integrity

  • Attract, engage, and retain top talent

  • Enhance customer/stakeholder relationships


Cara Nichols has spent the last decade designing and redefining corporate philanthropy and community engagement at one of the nation’s largest technology companies.  She developed an innovative model of direct community investment via the Rackspace Foundation that not only increased employee engagement with the goals of the business but delivered visible community impact through unique community interaction.  It wasn’t long before other companies and colleagues at other firms began asking for the “Rackspace model.” It was at this point the necessity to tell her story became imperative.

The New Corporate Citizen was written as the roadmap to enable others to invest in communities using this accessible, authentic model and threefolded was founded to guide organizations along that journey.

Today Cara consults with companies and foundations to help them meaningfully invest in their communities. She shows them that it’s not about the amount of the check – it’s about creating a threefold effect on the community, on employees and on the business itself.

When companies take a clear-eyed look at what’s possible when they go beyond simply turning a profit, they begin to write their greatest chapter.

Curious about creating a threefolded effect?
Let’s chat.

what we can do:

  • Social impact strategy

  • Organizational assets and positioning

  • Nonprofit partnerships

  • Charitable structuring & volunteer programs

  • Assessments and outcomes

  • Social impact storytelling

  • Data-driven narratives

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